Market Strategist: We face a horrible summer in the stock market

stocks summerA senior strategist from Federated Investors recently explained why the summer months for equities may not have been very sunny and has some clues ready.

Philip Orlando, chief equity strategist and senior vice president of asset manager Federated Investors , points to a “cruel” summer for equities as part of an interview in “CNBC’s Future Now” program .

That’s why it will not be a nice summer for the stock market
Philip Orlando echoed “CNBC” that the stock market is currently in transition to a clear case: “We expect an air hole here that will bring the market in the summer months, for example, on the sliding 200-day line,” so Orlando.

The Dow Jones is currently on a six-day dry spell, and the S & P 500 also has four negative trading days in a row. This current negative move led Orlando, among others, to his opinion, as “CNBC” reports.

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Billions for Space: Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to populate Mars

elon musk teslaMost recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has expanded its stake in the electric car maker and acquired $ 25 million in shares. What he intends to do with his Tesla shares, the billionaire now gives a first concrete hint.

Elon Musk can not complain about too little work : In addition to his work as CEO of Tesla , he also leads the fortunes of a second multi-billion dollar company: SpaceX. This dual role has recently led to discussions at the shareholders’ meeting, as Musk has two more irons in the fire with the tunnel boring company The Boring Company and the neurotechnology company Neuralink, which are calling for his attention.

Participation expanded
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Gold: With stable tendency into the weekend

gold bar 2Another loss week is coming to an end with the yellow precious metal. So far, the minus amounts to 0.9 percent.

Despite various crises, the crisis protection gold remains “out”. While the chart technical situation can be described as particularly bleak, the fundamental situation looks less problematic.

Risks such as the looming international trade war, the imminent end of the federal government and uncertain developments in particularly debt-ridden Italy are so far completely ignored. Now the market players are waiting eagerly for the Commitments of Traders report of the US supervisory authority CFTC (21.30 clock).

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Comcast is apparently exploring higher bid for Fox’s expanded Disney bid

comcastIn the current battle for large parts of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire 21st Century Fox, the inflated offer of media company Walt Disney does not seem to discourage bidder rival Comcast.

Comcast chief Brian Roberts has privately signaled his willingness to increase the offer of the US cable company, reported the Financial Times (FT) on Thursday, citing persons familiar with the matter. An official statement rejected the company.

Comcast has consulted with its banks Wells Fargo and Bank of America, according to the newspaper, as the group even more money together, without losing its good credit rating agencies. The rating agency Moody’s had already warned Comcast of a possible credit rating down.

Even the courted media company Fox is currently assuming that Comcast returns with a higher supply, the paper reported, citing information from the environment of the Murdoch family on. However, Murdoch Disney continues to see as the more suitable buyer because of lower regulatory hurdles.

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Nestlé shares higher due to speculation surrounding an increase in growth targets

nestle growth

While Nestlé shares fell slightly from daily highs, they were still positive at the end of the trading session.

Traders report speculation that the Vevey food company may use the half-year results release to lower the bottom line for organic sales growth this year. The inclusion of the papers in the “Most Preferred List” by Kepler Cheuvreux for European consumer goods manufacturers is proving to be trend-enhancing, it goes on to say.

At the closing bell Nestlé name gained 1.14 percent to 74.68 francs. The daily highs are even at 74.78 francs. By contrast, the market as a whole (SMI) recovered by just over 1 percent after the setback of the previous day.

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Rocket Internet wants to invest in fintechs and artificial intelligence

Rocket-InternetAfter setting up numerous start-ups from fashion to food delivery, Rocket Internet is targeting other business areas.

“We are now looking for fintechs, software, artificial intelligence, Proptechs,” chief executive Oliver Samwer outlined the goals on Friday. Gross, the start-up factory has therefore 2.6 billion euros in the box office to start up or develop companies. Proptechs provide technology for the real estate industry (Property Technology), Fintech’s financial services.

Samwer also announced at the annual general meeting in Berlin, after the strong growth of the cooking box supplier Hello Fresh in the US to take the US market further into focus. “We will continue to launch companies that will be number one in the US.” Shareholder representatives criticized the fact that the share price of the MDax company Rocket Internet SE is still well below the issue price, and demanded that Samwer formulate the goals more precisely.

The Bitcoin will be worth $ 50,000, according to a YouTube star

Nicholas MertenAccording to creator Nicholas Merten, the Bitcoin is expected to launch a price explosion later this year, citing four reasons why the “crypto-gold” will multiply its value and reach the $ 50,000 mark.

In 2017, the Bitcoin already experienced a veritable hype among private investors. Within a few months, its value was pushed from record to record – until the $ 20,000 mark was exceeded in December, followed by a rapid fall in prices. If it comes to YouTube star Nicholas Merten, the Bitcoin will soon outnumber this record by more than double. The Bitcoin is currently at about 7,600 US dollars, according to “CoinMarketCap”.

In his YouTube channel “DataDash” Nicholas Merten deals among other things with cryptocurrencies. The entrepreneur and crypto-investor, with close to 300,000 subscribers, recently announced via Twitter and YouTube his prediction that the Bitcoin will reach $ 50,000 per digital coin this year. His reasons seem to speak less for the Bitcoin, but rather against the classic financial world. Even from his own community, the influential creator reaps criticism for his assumptions, as some of the comments in his videos show.

Four reasons for the rapid increase in value

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The next big financial crisis is brewing according to George Soros

george soros

Star investor George Soros is worried and is now predicting the next big financial crisis. The current situation in Italy, a possible “Italexit” and EU punitive tariffs are causing concern for investors.

For Soros, there are many unresolved issues, a sharp rise in the dollar and capital flight from emerging markets, just a few reasons for a financial crisis. He warned the European Union in his speech on Tuesday of the imminent threat. According to him, the EU is already in an “existential crisis”.

Why the EU is in crisis?

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Turbulent Facebook Annual General Meeting after data scandal

facebook annual meeting 2018The aftermath of the Facebook data scandal has led to a more turbulent general meeting of the world’s largest online network this year.

A woman had to leave the hall because she demanded in interjections, founder and boss Mark Zuckerberg to refuse re-election to the Board.
Another shareholder called for the elimination of the more-voting shares that would secure Zuckerberg’s control of the company. With the current power situation threatens Facebook , to become an “entrepreneurial dictatorship”, he warned on Thursday.

There was also direct criticism of the outflow of information from millions of Facebook users to Cambridge Analytica, which had triggered the current data scandal. A representative of investor NorthStar Asset Management said it violated human rights. She argued that the data scandal had only become possible because the CEO could put together a board of directors to his liking. Boards of directors in US companies have even more far-reaching powers than the German supervisory boards and also determine the strategy in addition to the usual control functions.

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Euro price falls after strong US data – francs are also down


The euro’s price fell against the US dollar on Friday, as did the Swiss franc. Better than expected economic data from the USA pushed the euro’s course in the afternoon business down to a daily low of 1.1617 US dollars. In comparison, the euro was recently traded slightly higher in New York at $ 1.1663. The European Central Bank (ECB) had set the reference rate at 1.1669 (Thursday: 1.1699) dollars.

For the franc, the dollar climbed above the threshold of 0.99 at times. Currently he is still around at 0.9889 francs. The euro has meanwhile set above 1.15 and costs 1.1534 francs.

In May, the number of employees in the United States had surged surprisingly high. The unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since the beginning of the millennium. “Partylaune on the job market,” commented expert Christiane von Berg of the BayernLB the data.

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