Euro price falls after strong US data – francs are also down


The euro’s price fell against the US dollar on Friday, as did the Swiss franc. Better than expected economic data from the USA pushed the euro’s course in the afternoon business down to a daily low of 1.1617 US dollars. In comparison, the euro was recently traded slightly higher in New York at $ 1.1663. The European Central Bank (ECB) had set the reference rate at 1.1669 (Thursday: 1.1699) dollars.

For the franc, the dollar climbed above the threshold of 0.99 at times. Currently he is still around at 0.9889 francs. The euro has meanwhile set above 1.15 and costs 1.1534 francs.

In May, the number of employees in the United States had surged surprisingly high. The unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since the beginning of the millennium. “Partylaune on the job market,” commented expert Christiane von Berg of the BayernLB the data.

In addition, sentiment in US manufacturing companies in May was better than expected. After the release of the data, analysts expect that there will be no further obstacles to a further hike by the US Federal Reserve in June. The prospect of rising interest rates buoyed the dollar, while the euro came under pressure in return.

For confusion in the foreign exchange market caused US President Donald Trump with a message on the short message service Twitter. He looks forward to seeing the employment figures, Trump tweeted about an hour before the official publication of job data. As a result, the US dollar started to rise noticeably while the euro fell in return. It is unusual for a US president to comment on the monthly labor market report.

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