Gold: With stable tendency into the weekend

gold bar 2Another loss week is coming to an end with the yellow precious metal. So far, the minus amounts to 0.9 percent.

Despite various crises, the crisis protection gold remains “out”. While the chart technical situation can be described as particularly bleak, the fundamental situation looks less problematic.

Risks such as the looming international trade war, the imminent end of the federal government and uncertain developments in particularly debt-ridden Italy are so far completely ignored. Now the market players are waiting eagerly for the Commitments of Traders report of the US supervisory authority CFTC (21.30 clock).

He provides a good picture of the current mood of large and small appointment speculators. On balance, their optimism in the week to June 19 is likely to have dropped markedly.

On Friday afternoon, presented theGold price with stable prices. Until around 2.50pm (CEST), the most actively traded futures contracted for gold (August) by $ 0.60 to $ 1,269.90 per troy ounce.

Crude oil: no OPEC decision yet

From the OPEC meeting in Vienna so far there was no official announcement about the future promotion policy. Some market observers believe that an increase in oil production by 600,000 barrels has been priced into the markets. If the actual decision deviates strongly from this expected value, then corresponding oil price reactions can be expected.

Furthermore, the players in the oil markets should also be interested in the weekly report on the North American drilling activities of the US service company Baker Hughes . This should be published at 19.00 clock and could affect depending on the tenor and the trade trend on Monday strong.

On Friday afternoon, the oil price presented itselfwith rising prices. By 14:50 (CEST), the next due WTI future price increased by $ 1.53 to $ 67.07, while its counterpart in Brent rose by $ 1.86 to $ 74.91.

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