Air France-KLM boss resigns after defeat in salary dispute

air francePARIS (dpa-AFX) – After a major defeat in the tariff dispute at the French airline Air France, CEO Jean-Marc Janaillac resigns. In a staff survey, a majority voted against the recent salary proposal of the management. Janaillac, who took less than two years, the helm of the French-Dutch company Air France-KLM, then announced on Friday its departure. The 65-year-old had linked his professional future with the result of the vote.

“13 strike days and more than two months of conflict have weakened Air France,” he said. “This is an enormous waste that our competitors can only rejoice (…).” The business of the company was running better after difficult years of restructuring recently.

The Paris government appealed to “everyone’s sense of responsibility to allow the company to continue its development”. The French state owns a good 14 percent of Air France-KLM. It is now up to the Board of Directors to define the conditions for a way out of the crisis. The committee meets on Wednesday, where Janaillac wants to submit his resignation.

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Twitter stock turns negative: keeps itself in black

TwitterUntil recently, the message service Twitter has been in the black for the second quarter in a row.

Finally, the reconstruction work of co-founder Jack Dorsey, who returned to the Twitter top two and a half years ago, finally took hold .

Twitter was also able to record a noticeable increase in the number of users. At least once a month, 336 million users were active – in the previous three months, the number had stagnated at 330 million.

This growth was mainly outside the US with a jump from 262 to 267 million users. In the home market, however, Twitter is stuck for over a year just below the mark of 70 million users. The number of daily active users increased worldwide by ten percent – but Twitter does not traditionally put them.

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The listed equity (ETF) industry has had a turbulent first quarter

ETFAfter a record start in February came a bitter experience. In March, the industry has recovered some, with global inflows of just under 18 billion US dollars, the month February lags behind the more than 100 billion in January.

On March itself was also marked on the weekly view of a wide fluctuation range. As the statistics from iShares and the Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) show, record sums of more than $ 40 billion in stock ETFs flowed in mid-March. Just a week later, investors on a large scale withdrew funds from these ETFs . As a result, ETFs on US equities, at nearly $ 25 billion, experienced the second largest weekly outflow in their history.

A similar record was set by ETFs on European equities during the last week of March. Outflows during the period were $ 3.4 billion. An even stronger weekly outflow of this asset class was recorded only at the height of the financial crisis in April 2012.

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Risk of collapse: billionaire puts half of his fortune in gold

naguib-sawirisThe Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris owns $ 5.7 billion in assets. Half of them now invested in gold – to protect themselves from the supposedly imminent crash.

Naguib Sawiris is the second richest man in Egypt and chairman of the Orascom Telecom Media and Technology Holding . Sawiris has not only made his fortune in the Egyptian telecommunications industry, but also in relatively unpopular markets such as Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh and even North Korea.

In the financial sector, too, Sawiris has gained a foothold by buying the Egyptian investment bank Belton Financial Holding – with no less a goal than founding the largest investment bank in Egypt through another acquisition. In addition, Sawiris is a major investor in the mining industry and holds interests in Evolution Mining , the Endeavor Mining Corporationand at La Mancha Ressources.

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Investment bank warns: Crypto market could collapse by 90 percent

cryptocurrency 2There are already more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies. But the experts of the investment bank GP Bullhound are convinced that most of them will soon no longer exist.

Within the next twelve months, there could be a sharp slump in the crypto market. Anyway, this is the opinion of GP Bullhound experts, according to US broadcaster CNBC, citing a technology investment bank report.
Market correction on the crypto market

According to Sebastian Markowsky, the lead author of the report, more and more institutional investors are likely to push into the crypto market, driving prices higher. However, this is likely to increasingly lead retail investors to go to excessive rates. However, this development will then worsen the correction, which will come later this year. It could even use a veritable panic, according to Markowsky. For example, the cyber-currency market could collapse by as much as 90 percent.

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Buffett purchase sends Apple share to record high

appleFor a long time he was shying away from tech stocks, now the star investor sends Apple’s paper to the highest level of all time with his millionaire purchase. This puts a magical brand within reach.

Shares of Apple have topped their good run of recent days with the jump to a record high of 183.65 US dollars on Friday. After the papers had already benefited on Wednesday from surprisingly good quarterly numbers, investors now cheered the increase in shares by the famous big investor Warren Buffett. Most recently, the shares went up by a good 3 percent to $ 182.8701.

Buffett’s investment company Berkshire Hathaway had bought 75 million more shares of the iPhone manufacturer in the first quarter, as revealed by the star investor CNBC. Buffett, who has long doubted tech values, has become a big fan of Apple in recent years , by the end of 2017, the California smartphone maker had replaced the US bank Wells Fargo as a top position in its portfolio.

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Netflix continues to be in debt

netflixLast week, Netflix presented very solid figures for the first quarter. Even before, I had assumed that the company would soon raise more money in the bond market. And that’s exactly what you do now. With an improved credit rating and rising EBITDA profits, the video streaming giant is going on.

What’s new?
On Monday morning, Netflix announced it would raise about $ 1.5 billion from another bond sale. No wonder – since the fall of 2016, the company reliably sells senior notes every six months.

The magnitude of this this cash-raising – had increased from time to time. At first it was 800 million dollars, then 1.3 billion and then another 1.6 billion dollars. This time it is “only” $ 1.5 billion.

As always, these funds are used for “general business purposes,” but above all to support the capital-intensive creation of Netflix’s original series and films.

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What should be considered when Starbucks reports its results?

starbucksStarbucksĀ  will announce the second quarter 2018 results after the close of trading on April 26. With the media rightly focusing on the incident in early April in a Philadelphia store, where one employee called the police and two African-American men were arrested, management is looking forward to making positive headlines this time around.

There will certainly be questions about the incident, especially as the company plans to shut down all its US-owned stores on May 29 to run anti-racism training for all employees. But there are also other things that investors need to be aware of, including whether or not like-for-like sales growth in the US is improving and how China is doing after it has taken over the full operation of all Starbucks stores in the country.

Let’s take a look at these topics and the details that are most important to investors.

The importance of combating racist prejudice
Starbucks’ growth has slowed in recent quarters. Growth in the US was 2% last quarter, the lowest in consolidated terms for nearly a decade. At the teleconference, management said that several factors contributed to the weak performance, including weaker customer traffic in stores, which rely on retail customers for much of their business, and weak footwear sales. The question in the minds of many investors: Can Starbucks reverse the trend?

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How Amazon wants to crack India

amazon india

AmazonĀ  sees a great opportunity in India, where the company already sells $ 8 billion worth of goods annually through its marketplace. Only Flipkart can boast of a greater online market share in the country. While Amazon has expressed interest in buying a stake in Flipkart, it seems very likely that Wal-Mart will take over a large part of the company in the near future.

A cash injection for his rival would certainly be a challenge for Amazon. But core North America and cloud computing continue to produce billions of free cash flow that Amazon could use to fund efforts in India and other emerging markets. India is particularly rewarding, with analysts predicting that online revenue will rise from $ 30 billion last year to $ 200 billion in a decade.

After this setback, Amazon plans to invest more in groceries, which is already the largest product category on Amazon, measured by the number of units sold in India. Amazon’s head in India, Amit Agarwal, expects to launch food delivery within two hours in the foreseeable future. Food could pave the way for broader e-commerce growth in the region.

Building on the tab
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The number of crypto-hedge funds continues to grow

cryptocurrencyMeanwhile, cryptocurrencies are increasingly used for criminal activities such as money laundering, but the number of reputable investors who are interested in Bitcoin & Co., is growing steadily.

Ascending trend
Despite the plunge in prices and the enormous volatility, more and more opportunities are being created to invest in cryptocurrencies. The number of hedge funds focused on trading in digital coins is growing rapidly.

Since October of last year, the number of these crypto-investment opportunities has doubled. According to the British market research institute Autonomous NEXT, in February they reached a record high of 226 funds with assets under management of around 3.5 to 5 billion US dollars. While there were around 35 funds at the beginning of 2017, the number rose to 55 by mid-August.

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