Facebook scandal: customer data apparently also passed on to Apple, Microsoft & Co.


There are again allegations against Facebook, which could set the debate on data security on fire again: Many other technology companies should have access to user data.

Facebook , on its way to becoming the dominant social network – even before Facebook apps were available – apparently concluded special agreements with up to 60 device manufacturers, a report by the New York Times revealed. The partnerships now raise concerns about the security of customer data.

Cooperation in order to increase reach?

Since 2007, the re-exposed social network is said to have allowed access to Facebook data by handset manufacturers. The agreements with technology companies such as Samsung , Apple , BlackBerry , Microsoftand Co. should – according to the “New York Times” – Facebook users have made it possible to use popular features such as news and the “Like” button on their devices, even before an app for the social network could be installed.

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Apple misses promising trend and loses a lot of money

aplpe music

The biggest and most promising trend in the software industry seems banal at first sight: the subscription. Neglecting the trend, however, there is a lot of money to lose – the tech giant Apple.

Apple is already successfully building its subscription structure with products such as Apple Music or iCloud and has thus achieved 53 percent growth in the service sector over the last two years. For comparison, the iPhone sales increased in the same period by only 16 percent. Nevertheless, the group has not yet jumped on the subscription train and thereby loses billions of dollars.

With the launch of Apple Music three years ago, the tech giant took another step in the right direction. As a counter model to the previous purchase of individual songs and entire albums on iTunes, the new subscription structure – endless streaming for a small monthly contribution. Apple also offers the additional iCloud storage space for a monthly amount of up to $ 10.

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Buffett purchase sends Apple share to record high

appleFor a long time he was shying away from tech stocks, now the star investor sends Apple’s paper to the highest level of all time with his millionaire purchase. This puts a magical brand within reach.

Shares of Apple have topped their good run of recent days with the jump to a record high of 183.65 US dollars on Friday. After the papers had already benefited on Wednesday from surprisingly good quarterly numbers, investors now cheered the increase in shares by the famous big investor Warren Buffett. Most recently, the shares went up by a good 3 percent to $ 182.8701.

Buffett’s investment company Berkshire Hathaway had bought 75 million more shares of the iPhone manufacturer in the first quarter, as revealed by the star investor CNBC. Buffett, who has long doubted tech values, has become a big fan of Apple in recent years , by the end of 2017, the California smartphone maker had replaced the US bank Wells Fargo as a top position in its portfolio.

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Rumors about a new iPhone: Apple introduces the SE2 in June?

apple se2

The rumor mill seethes – suddenly everything could go very fast. New evidence suggests that Apple may unveil a successor to the iPhone SE in May or June this year.

Unknown model numbers surfaced
Well-known analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities recently did not believe that Apple – two years after the release of the iPhone SE – will present another successor. Now, however, a strong indication has emerged, suggesting that the release of one could take place within the next two months.

The French blog “Consomac” has discovered at the Russian certification authority “Eurasian Economic Commission” (EEC) previously unknown model numbers belonging to Apple products. Specifically, the market approval authority lists 11 numbers that represent different variants of one or more devices. It is called iOS operating system11 indicated – the model numbers should therefore probably belong to iPads or iPhones. However, as the Cupertino-based group recently introduced the sixth-generation iPad with Pencil support, it seems unlikely that one or more of these numbers could be another tablet. This discovery fuels the speculation that Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone SE successor, possibly called the iPhone SE2.

This could be the successor to the iPhone SE
Even before, there were a lot of rumors that the tech giant could release the iPhone SE2 in a timely manner. The Indian side “Tekz24” reported that this successor model should be equipped as follows: It should contain an A10 chipset, which is also installed in the iPhone 7. In addition, the iPhone SE2 is likely to receive a 2 gigabyte of RAM memory and with storage capacities of either 32 or 128 GB available. The display is supposed to measure 4.2 inches in the diagonal – although the rumors contradict this. Others assume that a display size of 4.7 inches is more likely, others say a diagonal of 6.1 inches before.

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