VW pays fine – ‘biggest loss of economic history’

vw diesel fine

The billions in the diesel affair against the VW Group has been received in the Lower Saxony state treasury.

This said Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) on Wednesday in the state parliament in Hanover. The prosecutor Braunschweig had imposed in the past week, a billion euros fine against the group for breach of duty in the exhaust gas scandal.

“By the way: Justice Minister Havliza told me earlier that the money was received on 18 June.”

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BMW top admits diesel error

bmw-turbo-dieselBMW boss Harald Krüger and supervisory board boss Norbert Reithofer have given a breakdown in the exhaust gas purification of a diesel engine, but denied any intention.

“We made a mistake a few years ago,” said Krüger on Thursday at the BMW Annual General Meeting in Munich: In 11 700 BMW vehicles was mistakenly a mismatched software has been installed. The Kraftfahrtbundesamt had ordered in March the recall of the cars because of an inadmissible shutdown device.

Reithofer emphasized that the “technical, human error” did not mean that the emission levels on the test bench would have been lower than those on the road. Krüger said: “It has nothing to do with a targeted manipulation of engine control and exhaust gas purification.” BMW is now waiting for the authorities to approve the corrected software.

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BMW sued in US over diesel emissions


German luxury carmaker BMW has been sued in the United States over “defeat devices” installed in tens of thousands of vehicles to  cheat  in diesel emissions tests, lawyers for the plaintiffs said yesterday.

The case, filed in federal court in New Jersey, will become a class-action once it is certified by a judge.

The suit singles out the BMW X5 and 335D model diesel cars which were  sold between 2009 and 2013.

The attorneys at the Hagens Berman firm claim emissions from those cars were as much as 27 times higher than the standard permitted — a fact masked by the “defeat devices” and their “manipulative software”.

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