The listed equity (ETF) industry has had a turbulent first quarter

ETFAfter a record start in February came a bitter experience. In March, the industry has recovered some, with global inflows of just under 18 billion US dollars, the month February lags behind the more than 100 billion in January.

On March itself was also marked on the weekly view of a wide fluctuation range. As the statistics from iShares and the Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) show, record sums of more than $ 40 billion in stock ETFs flowed in mid-March. Just a week later, investors on a large scale withdrew funds from these ETFs . As a result, ETFs on US equities, at nearly $ 25 billion, experienced the second largest weekly outflow in their history.

A similar record was set by ETFs on European equities during the last week of March. Outflows during the period were $ 3.4 billion. An even stronger weekly outflow of this asset class was recorded only at the height of the financial crisis in April 2012.

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