Google does not want to provide artificial intelligence for weapons

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Google has promised after fierce internal debates not to provide artificial intelligence for weapons systems.

At the same time, others will continue to work with the military and governments, the Internet company said Thursday. Over the past few months, the company has received massive criticism of its cooperation with a US Department of Defense drone project. It used “tensorflow” chips from alphabet- daughter Google for machine learning to detect objects by aircraft cameras.

A number of Google employees criticized this, although it was emphasized that it was about the evaluation of surveillance images and not attacks. There were internal petitions to get out of the “Project Maven”, several employees filed their notice according to media reports in protest. Google has announced that the project will expire in 2019.

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Google is trying to get television advertising


Google may dominate digital advertising, but there is still a $ 70 billion television advertising market in the United States, from which the subsidiary of Alphabet (WKN: A14Y6F) (WKN: A14Y6H) is pretty much excluded.

Walt Disney (WKN: 855686) is supposed to change its ad technology. It may not be a coincidence that Disney is reevaluating its advertising technology provider – the company is currently relying on Freewheel, a Comcast (WKN: 157484) company, as Disney takes steps to streamline.

Google has gained a lot of momentum over the past year since launching a new set of advertising tools in conjunction with the launch of YouTube TV. The company has signed multiple contracts with major media companies, most notably CBS for its all-access service, but Disney represents the biggest Google opportunity yet.

What Google offers
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