Netflix continues to be in debt

netflixLast week, Netflix presented very solid figures for the first quarter. Even before, I had assumed that the company would soon raise more money in the bond market. And that’s exactly what you do now. With an improved credit rating and rising EBITDA profits, the video streaming giant is going on.

What’s new?
On Monday morning, Netflix announced it would raise about $ 1.5 billion from another bond sale. No wonder – since the fall of 2016, the company reliably sells senior notes every six months.

The magnitude of this this cash-raising – had increased from time to time. At first it was 800 million dollars, then 1.3 billion and then another 1.6 billion dollars. This time it is “only” $ 1.5 billion.

As always, these funds are used for “general business purposes,” but above all to support the capital-intensive creation of Netflix’s original series and films.

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Astro Malaysia slides as web streaming is demanding


Investors seem to prepare for the tougher times in the future of Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd as the media broadcasting scene continues to change.

Besides the shifting of the media consumption habits, there is also a thought that the satellite broadcasting business is all capital inclusive in nature, particularly from the content costs and the need to continue investments in broadcasting technology.

The Star reported that against this background, the company’s shares in the past week has dropped to nearly its lowest point since it was listed in 2012 with its shares closed at RM2.18 in Friday, down four sen after hitting RM2.16 on Tuesday.

There are yet exact or official statistics available on how rapid people are moving from paying for satellite television subscription and opting for a streaming service over the web.

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