Market Strategist: We face a horrible summer in the stock market

stocks summerA senior strategist from Federated Investors recently explained why the summer months for equities may not have been very sunny and has some clues ready.

Philip Orlando, chief equity strategist and senior vice president of asset manager Federated Investors , points to a “cruel” summer for equities as part of an interview in “CNBC’s Future Now” program .

That’s why it will not be a nice summer for the stock market
Philip Orlando echoed “CNBC” that the stock market is currently in transition to a clear case: “We expect an air hole here that will bring the market in the summer months, for example, on the sliding 200-day line,” so Orlando.

The Dow Jones is currently on a six-day dry spell, and the S & P 500 also has four negative trading days in a row. This current negative move led Orlando, among others, to his opinion, as “CNBC” reports.

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Barely moving in the markets: Goldman Sachs recommends these stocks

goldman-sachsThe markets are currently in a narrow range. But even the current stock market environment offers potential for investors: Goldman Sachs has identified seven stocks that continue to rise even in shallow markets.

The US S & P 500 index is showing a pronounced sideways trend in the year to date. Since January, the stock market barometer has risen by a moderate 1.7 percent. And that’s not going to change much by the end of the year, experts at Wall Street Goldman Sachs believe, confirming their index target by the end of the year at 2,850 points. As a result, the S & P 500 would still have an upside potential of around four percent this year – relatively little, considering that the index had gained just under 19 percent in 2017.

A difficult stock market environment for investors, because cheap stocks are currently in short supply, make real growth stars is increasingly difficult. However, the analyst team at Goldman Sachs is confident that the current market situation also enables investment strategies that can be used to outperform.

Shares with strong sales prospects
David Kostin, the lead equity house strategist at the finance house, points in particular to companies with strong growth prospects. A note to clients said last week, “We continue to recommend that investors buy stocks with the highest forecast sales growth.” Kostin has recently updated its list of share certificates – and it does include well-known companies, which at first glance appear anything but cheap.
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Stocks set to rally as bond yields dip, Powell to signal direction of rate hikes in the US


A rally in Asian equities looked set to prolong  into a third week after US stocks posted strong gains and Treasury yields dipped with US monetary policy back in focus in a week that includes two appearances from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. The yen dropped.

Futures in Japan, Australia and Hong Kong all signaled equities will rise when Monday trading starts after the S&P 500 Index rose 1.6 per cent Friday.

Powell will address the House Financial Services Committee tomorrow and the Senate Banking Committee two days later to give his Humphrey-Hawkins testimony.

Bond traders are pricing less than the three quarter-point rate hikes that Fed officials  havesignalled as likely this year.

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