Billions for Space: Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to populate Mars

elon musk teslaMost recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has expanded its stake in the electric car maker and acquired $ 25 million in shares. What he intends to do with his Tesla shares, the billionaire now gives a first concrete hint.

Elon Musk can not complain about too little work : In addition to his work as CEO of Tesla , he also leads the fortunes of a second multi-billion dollar company: SpaceX. This dual role has recently led to discussions at the shareholders’ meeting, as Musk has two more irons in the fire with the tunnel boring company The Boring Company and the neurotechnology company Neuralink, which are calling for his attention.

Participation expanded
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Accident Investigator: Autopilot Accelerated Tesla from Deadly Crash


According to US accident investigators, Tesla’s autopilot assistance system has accelerated in the last few seconds in the direction of a concrete bollard during a fatal accident in March.

Prior to the crash, no braking or evasive maneuvers were found on the Type X electric SUV, the US agency said in a preliminary report to NTSB.
The experts, who are also involved in aircraft accidents, published the first detailed information on the accident from the evaluation of vehicle data.

Thus, the Tesla eight seconds before impact followed another car at a speed of 65 miles per hour (almost 105 km / h). Seven seconds before the crash, the Tesla and the front car began to move to the left.

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The Tesla share should not be worth more than a donut, according to an expert

tesla model 3

In the ranks of those who kill the carmaker Tesla dead, mixes a new voice: Chris Macintosh railed against the Tesla share and against Tesla boss Elon Musk. In particular, he focuses on the alleged hero status that Musk enjoys among his followers.

The number of Tesla supporters is large. But the recent adversities, production problems with the hopeful model 3, repeatedly postponed corporate goals and numerous departures from strategically important positions meanwhile provide for uncertainty among Tesla shareholders. Over the past six months, the Tesla share has lost more than 12 percent on the US stock exchange, even though the price has stabilized somewhat since its lows in early April. But the signs are increasing that even among Tesla’s most faithful followers patience is finally.

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Tesla announces another billion-bond


The electric car company Tesla wants to get in the midst of production expansion for its first cheaper model more money on the market.

The electric car pioneer Tesla wants to raise about $ 1.5 billion on corporate bonds. The company announced the issuance of unsecured debt securities maturing in 2025. Financial details such as the interest rate are yet to be determined. This would give the Palo Alto-based company greater financial flexibility to ramp up production of the Model 3, which Tesla intends to enter the mass market.

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