Trump is harshly criticizing the European Union

trump euWASHINGTON (awp international) – Following the decisions of the EU summit in Sofia, US President Donald Trump has been harshly criticizing the European Union’s trade policy. “The European Union is terrible to us,” said Trump on Thursday in Washington. “Jean-Claude (Juncker) and Donald (Tusk) – I like them both, but they are very tough,” said Trump.

The EU maintains massive trade restrictions. “Our farmers are not allowed to deliver their products there,” said the US president. “But the EU, and in this case Germany, pours our country with its Mercedes and BMW vehicles,” he continued. “That will not continue.”

Trade with the EU has become a one-way street, the trade deficit last year was $ 151 billion. The European Union, like other countries, was spoiled for not having been opposed by the US for years.

The EU countries in Sofia had agreed to demand a permanent waiver of US import tariffs on steel and aluminum. In return, Europeans are offering the US to talk about trade facilitation for US firms. / Dm/DP/he