Google is trying to get television advertising


Google may dominate digital advertising, but there is still a $ 70 billion television advertising market in the United States, from which the subsidiary of Alphabet (WKN: A14Y6F) (WKN: A14Y6H) is pretty much excluded.

Walt Disney (WKN: 855686) is supposed to change its ad technology. It may not be a coincidence that Disney is reevaluating its advertising technology provider – the company is currently relying on Freewheel, a Comcast (WKN: 157484) company, as Disney takes steps to streamline.

Google has gained a lot of momentum over the past year since launching a new set of advertising tools in conjunction with the launch of YouTube TV. The company has signed multiple contracts with major media companies, most notably CBS for its all-access service, but Disney represents the biggest Google opportunity yet.

What Google offers
As a leading online search provider, Google has a plethora of data that Google can offer to media companies to make their ads more effective. Continue reading “Google is trying to get television advertising”