The Tesla share should not be worth more than a donut, according to an expert

tesla model 3

In the ranks of those who kill the carmaker Tesla dead, mixes a new voice: Chris Macintosh railed against the Tesla share and against Tesla boss Elon Musk. In particular, he focuses on the alleged hero status that Musk enjoys among his followers.

The number of Tesla supporters is large. But the recent adversities, production problems with the hopeful model 3, repeatedly postponed corporate goals and numerous departures from strategically important positions meanwhile provide for uncertainty among Tesla shareholders. Over the past six months, the Tesla share has lost more than 12 percent on the US stock exchange, even though the price has stabilized somewhat since its lows in early April. But the signs are increasing that even among Tesla’s most faithful followers patience is finally.

These signs have also recognized Tesla bears recognized and take the group for several months increasingly targeted. While short sellers and Musk opponent Mark mirror predicts the bankruptcy to the analyst, Gordon Johnson predicts the shareholders at least a Kursdebakel and a crash of the stock up to 84 US dollar. Now, the Tesla Bears’ reign has become even bigger: investor Chris Macintosh also sees the future of the Tesla share as more than critical.

“A big donut”

Get into the Tesla share? Not when it comes to Chris Macintosh, founder of the finance blog Capitalist Exploits. Macintosh, who also works as a hedge fund manager, believes the Tesla share is “a big donut” but not a worthwhile investment goal. Unlike many other experts, he does not base his assessment of Tesla on business figures or the company’s business model. Instead, he takes Tesla boss Elon Musk himself – and criticized not only the billionaire, but in particular his loyal fan base.
“Muskateers are not healthy”

The fact that Elon Musk, as a charismatic company leader, plays a large part in Tesla’s success, is a thorn in the side of Macintosh. In fact, he considers this kind of hero worship even dangerous. There are online groups in which tens of thousands of people exclusively published musk material: “What he wears, what he says, when he goes to the toilet,” the investor said in his blog. “Those who worship Musk religiously must have some degree of madness,” Macintosh continues. His basic values ??and missions, the things he strives for, made his fan base do crazy things. “It makes you feel alive, it’s like a dopamine effect.”

But this kind of worship brings with it a big problem: “People create a vision of their idol in their minds and project that onto their target [Elon Musk, editor’s note]. All too often these expectations can not become fulfilled.”
Nevertheless, Musk – and especially his talent to distract from the essential – the “glue that holds this ball of yarn” together.

Macintosh missed Tesla Rally

However, Chris Macintosh’s statement on the Tesla share is in the context, as the hedge fund manager himself has been betting against the Musk Group for quite some time – before the share had rallied and tripled its price.

In addition to the admonishing anti-Tesla votes, there are always bulls, which certify the group still significant upside potential. For example, US billionaire Ron Baron, who has made a name for himself as a buy-and-hold investor, has significantly over weighted the stock with his Asset Management Baron Capital fund. Optimistic, he assumes that he could increase his investment twenty fold, “because the opportunity is so great.”

Even US financial investor Baird expects a new Tesla rally, the analysts of the Berenberg Bank raised their Tesla price target even to a whopping 500 US dollars.

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