YouTube allows subscription fees and fan merchandise sales

youtube subscriber basedYouTube gives video providers on its platform ways to earn extra money with subscription fees and the sale of fan merchandise.

YouTube channel operators with more than 100,000 subscribers are expected to be able to sell memberships for $ 4.99 or Euro per month in Europe. Paying viewers can then gain access to additional content such as livestreams. In the US, video providers will also be able to sell fan merchandise directly from YouTube. The Google video service cooperates with the online trading platform Teespring.

YouTube is the number one online video player with more than a billion users, but is competing with authors, including Instagram. The Facebook- based service also cracked the 1 billion-user mark and announced this week its first platform for longer videos with IGTV.

There videos can have a running time of up to one hour. They are designed with a vertical format for watching on the smartphone. Initially, Instagram does not advertise on IGTV, but views ads as a source of revenue for the authors for the future.

YouTube raised the hurdles for video authors earning money on the platform earlier this year. Previously, a YouTube channel was able to show ads after 10,000 video views, now it needs at least 1000 subscribers and the videos must have been viewed for at least 4,000 hours in the past 12 months. The move was also a reaction to the dissatisfaction of advertisers, whose ads appeared in part alongside dubious or extremist videos.

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